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Nisled is a young German company that has set itself the task of:
to create, program and design innovative mobile applications.
These gaming apps can be installed for free on the App and Play Store.
The company was founded by Delsin Hoffmann in 2020 and is now almost three years old.

Our Mobile Apps

When creating our applications, we always prioritize quality and flawless use of the apps.
We ensure that our mobile apps offer only cost-effective and worthwhile in-app purchases.
Additionally, we prioritize our users above all else.
We are also open to criticism and suggestions for improvement, so that we can improve our apps in the future.

We want to emphasize that we are a young company with many ideas for the future.
We are motivated to improve ourselves daily and we want to expand our mobile gaming app offerings.


We provide our apps with the best designs, ensure smooth usability, and give them the extras that make them top apps.

User friendly

We ensure that all of our applications are easy to use without unnecessary complications.


All of our apps are free. With our in-app products, we ensure that they are reasonably priced, worthwhile, and not game-necessary.

ShotUp ยท Drinking Game

The drinking game ShotUp, which should not be missing at any party!

Play over 1,500 cards with your friends.
You can choose between four different drinking games:
"Party Game Deluxe," "Never Have I Ever," "Who's More Likely To," and "Truth or Dare"!
Enter the names of the players so that everyone in the group can participate.
You can also choose whether you want to play the Normal or Extreme mode!
It will be funny and probably a bit embarrassing, but the most important thing is that the party doesn't get boring!
The game is easy to understand and can be played in almost any condition.
The only requirement: a drink.

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