Nisled - The Company
Our History and Future

The company was founded in 2020 by Delsin Hoffmann.
The goal: to create, program and design innovative mobile applications.
Then in 2022 the breakthrough with ShotUp. The first big success was there.
The company has had further successes with the Squiver, Niver, Whould and Joke apps.
The company still has a lot planned for the future and
doesn't just want to focus on the mobile app remain segment.

Our Priorities

When creating our applications, we always prioritize quality and seamless use of the apps.
We make sure that our mobile apps offer only cost-effective and worthwhile in-app purchases.
Additionally, our users are always our top priority.
We also welcome criticism and suggestions for improvement so that we can continue to improve our apps in the future.


We provide our apps with the best designs, make smooth use possible, and give the applications the extras that make them top apps.


With all of our applications, we ensure easy use without unnecessary complications.


All of our apps are free. With our in-app products, we make sure that they are affordable, worthwhile, and not necessary for gameplay.

Our Future

We're planning something big, new, and innovative!

Currently, we're mainly focused on the mobile applications segment, but we want to change that!
We're planning an expansion into a completely new area.
The company is already in the initial stages, but it will be a challenging and incredible journey to complete this project.
However, our young team is motivated to achieve something impressive.
We also place great value on creating something that has not been seen before.
Since the project is still in the planning phase, we can't reveal too much yet.
But one thing we can already say is: it will be amazing.

To be continued...

Our Team

Currently, we are a small, young and motivated team that creates and releases mobile apps.
As mentioned before, we have a project in planning that will challenge us in the future.
However, we are looking forward to the challenge and come up with better ideas every day for its implementation.

Currently, we are not looking for new employees because we are still in the middle of planning the expansion.
However, it is expected that soon we will start looking for the first new team members who will join us on this new journey.

Delsin Hoffmann

Founder and CEO of Nisled

Delsin, born on February 16, 2003, resides in North Rhine-Westphalia and is the managing director of Nisled.
In addition to organizational tasks, he is responsible for game and web development, as well as the product and marketing departments of the company.
He is also significantly involved in the creation and design of the apps.
As a computer science student at RWTH Aachen, which is one of the most prestigious and best universities in the world, he has broad knowledge in the field of computer science and the digital world.
With additional experience in the start-up scene and great ambitions, he is the perfect CEO for the company.

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